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Hunky Dorky #3

It's been overcast and rainy here in Austin for weeks, and as a result I think I've finally answered the hypothetical question I've posed to myself at different moments in time -- how would I cope if I lived somewhere like Seattle, or a place where a layer of grey would conceivably hang over my head for days on end. The answer is: I'd start turning grey inside as well. 

I don't know if it's coincidence or circumstance, but it seems impossible that there's no correlation. If anything it must accentuate the negative. I'd like to think though, whereas I have zero control over the weather, the cloud in my brain can be mined for the positive contents that are obstructed. And then with a spritz of some mental Windex it will all come into focus. Better visibility may not reveal a silver lining but likely material that I can work with. No volcanoes required.