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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

I wouldn't call myself a pizza connoisseur. While my preferences are specific I'm pretty open to any version of that particular style. And I have a feeling I set the bar low. I have an immature palate. It has pepperoni, cheese, and crust -- I'm in. 

One thing I love about pizza, or pizza joints, is that it seems impossible to reach a point of saturation. At least from my perspective they could be on every block and the demand would be so great that everyone gets a piece of the pie (literally and figuratively), and how awesome is that, that everybody wins. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a "best of" list, and whoa, is Where to Get Pizza the ultimate -- exhaustive and diverse. I'm happy to know where the best is even if I'm content with subpar.

And because I have pizza on the brain: pizza art (sure, why not) and  pizza ATM (the future is NOW!).

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