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Sophie Gamand

Photo cred, posted with permission: Sophie Gamand

Photo cred, posted with permission: Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand, of Wet Dog fame, most recently launched a new series titled Flower Power. Through her photographs she raises awareness of pit bulls in need of adoption. She smartly adorns them with crowns of beautiful arrangements helping to soften their aggressive reputations, showcasing their natural sweetness.

In the past year I have become personally acquainted with the breed and am step-mom to a rescue. She has the best disposition -- is lovable, playful, wonderful with children, and cries when there are thunderstorms. I hate that they get such a bum wrap and that inhumane treatment only manages to fuel negative perceptions. They do not deserve to be collectively labeled as dangerous, and mistreated or disposable as a result. In truth the dachshunds living under the same roof, as cute as the short-legged little shits are, do a much better job unleashing terror. 

I encourage you to read more here (additional links below) and learn how you can help raise awareness.

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