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Polaroid Originals

Image cred:  Polaroid Originals

Image cred: Polaroid Originals

I admit that when I first read about the release of a new Polaroid camera I thought this was wholly independent of the Impossible Project. Why does that matter? I have no beef with Impossible Project -- in fact I've purchased several packs of film from them and am a satisfied customer. I guess I thought that an additional champion of the near dead format meant the momentum was building for a real renaissance.

It turns out however that IP has merely rebranded and they are now Polaroid Originals. That is still a good thing; they continue to prove that their instant love is not just about resurrection but progress and growth. They also seems to recognize that their following is everything so in addition to new products and a new name they've also launched a loyalty program. That will make the purchase of a OneStep 2 even sweeter (and compelling)!