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555 fixation

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For some reason I love, and have always loved, that moment in a film where the character gives their number to someone or the number is posted on screen. Yes, probably not the thing most people are excited about when watching a movie... how about the plot or actors or any of that other "important" stuff. Well for me it's waiting for that moment, when the "555" comes up. Will it or won't it be there. Odds are these days it will, so it's more of a treat when it's not a 555 moment. However there is one 555 that has always been stuck in my memory.

Say Anything, Lloyd Dobler leaving his number with Diane's father, "555-1342; 5..5..5..1342. 555-1342". Who really knows why. Maybe it's because I love John Cusack or because he was so awkwardly adamant.

At any rate, I DO know I'm not the only one that's got a 555 fixation. 555spot is just one a few websites dictated to spotting and logging the fictitious wonderfulness of the 555 world. I guess at least if I'm weird I am not alone in this.