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another reason i wish i could sing

Corinne Rose played last night at the Parlor on North Loop. A little blue grass, a little country, a lot of fun. I'll be honest it doesn't take much to impress me when it comes to vocals since my singing style is akin to a shaky prepubescent boy gargling rocks while jumping up and down. Even so, I was blown away by drummer/singer Maria Mabra. Stand up bass, banjo, and guitar complete the circle with a little bit of mandolin and lap steel to round things out.

I don't rave about this band because the bass player just so happens to be my real estate agent (that makes me sound a little fancier than I really am) OR for the fact that his wife gives a mean haircut (er... since we're on the subject though, let's get blatant... Method Hair, Shannon... check her out). I guarantee if you see these guys play you'll do a little dancing and foot stomping, and last time I checked that's a good thing.