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time for a treat

I love dachshunds. I love root beer. What a great find is this. A few months back I went to the annual wiener dog races in Buda. Low and behold at one of the booths I found this company, III Dachshunds Beer Co. based out of Milwaukee. Not only do they manufacture and sell their own root beer, they also offer at least 8 hand crafted brews. To name a few... Ankle Biter Ale, Show Dog Vanilla Stout, Howling Hounds Honey Wheat, and Piebald Pale Ale. And of course the experience wouldn't be complete without a III Dachshunds pint glass or "Grrowler" to drink it out of.

Root Beer and merchandise is available on-line but you will have to call to inquire about how to get your hands on the alcohol... or go to Wisconsin.