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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of heading out to a Latin Music Festival called Xemumba ... that's [SHE-moom-ba] for those of you like me with a mouth that recoils in fear at the shear idea of pronouncing this. Hosted at the Compound, this event was devised and put together by Brandon Badillo; the intent of this particular showcase was to raise money for his ailing grandfather.

Local vendors supplied the booze and some great grub, with additional booths offering some eclectic artwork. The night was filled with a variety of live Latin music; traditional mariachi to DJ's spinning records, and everything in between.

Dancing, eating, drinking... some of my favorite activities... although I was more of a spectator on this particular night. Even so, I had a great time. The weather cooperated, the turn-out was fantastic, and the mix of attendees was a pleasant change from a regular 'ole evening out.

Look for more events in the coming future. If you would like to contact Brandon for any inquiries on what's cooking in the next few months you can contact him at . You can check out Xemumba's myspace here ... and while you're at it buy a t-shirt... it's for a good cause, so don't be a cheapskate. And if you haven't been overloaded enough you can also see more of the photos here.

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