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smarties and crafties

This past weekend Make magazine (and its sister publication Craft magazine) hosted their second annual Maker Faire. Previously held in San Mateo, Austin had the honors this year.

The two day fest was the weekend home to tons of crafters, creative types, and MacGyver-esque people that can build/make/shape/show a range of nifty devices and artsy artifacts. From robots to fire starters to gore experts to crocheted animals, the list goes on and on. Someone would be hard pressed not to find something that appealed to them, whether it was via a learning workshop, a shopping spree, repurposed bike rides, or suped up cars.

I was humbled and inspired by the wealth of talent and knowledge... although I have to come clean; I left pretty much as I came, with DIY dreams and teetering motivation. Not a heck of a lot smarter or craftier necessarily. There's still hope for me though and with events like this to remind me of the possibilities I may someday be a real live "maker". Photos can be seen here. Also go to Make's website for a streaming slide show courtesy of everyone that posted to flickr or simply check it out for a little creative spark.

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