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zombies have rights too

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They just want some brains. Is that so wrong? Yesterday Austin zombies united to march down Congress up to the capital. No-one was harmed as they picketed their way down the street. Who can really make time for a slow-paced killing spree when you have a message that needs to be heard. You can't say they don't have their priorities in order.

The Zombie Walk enlisted about 150 blood-loving attention hounds and kicked off the Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek's Dismember the Alamo Zombie film fest, which starts tomorrow. Tickets are still on sale (and only $5 a film... a great deal considering the line-up). Buy tickets here and check out more photos from the Sunday afternoon foot dragging festivities here.

P.S. Little known fact... zombies are very mindful of traffic signals and crosswalks. I bet you can all sleep easier now.