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boo: the evolution of bromance

1. Boo: I'm shy; I just want to be alone.

2. Biggie: Well, hello there. You look like you could use some company.

3. Boo: Get lost creep. You're not my type.

Biggie: Fine, I didn't really like you anyway. Nice spots by the way mini britches.

4. Boo: You don't have to be a dick about it.

5. Boo: Oooh, I kind of like this.

6. Boo: Sigh... You know, you're actually not so bad. In fact, I think I love you.

7. Boo & Biggie: Do you mind... a little privacy would be nice.

There you have it. And yes, I have turned into one of those people, personifying my pets and being nauseatingly cutesy in the process. I'm just excited... can you blame me. Boo is my new puppy rescued from the Central Texas Dachshund Rescue organization. I was nervous about getting another dog for several reasons, but that's pretty much washed away at this point.

You may run to your toilet and vomit now.

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