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dead 600

What was not intended as a cruel joke became one as I found myself in an awkward position after taking this picture. A gaggle of drunk women, heads adorned with ridiculous hats (I had one too... so no stone throwing here), went to the "Jailhaus" to have their novelty photo taken. I couldn't resist the urge to take one myself and when I did they started to wander off thinking they were done. They thought I, some girl with a dead muppet on her head and behind a wall, was the official photographer.

I ran off pitcher in hand feeling like a jerk (um, but laughing... I'll be honest). Shortly thereafter my camera fell to the ground and broke. This was the last picture my 600 took. Karma is indeed a bitch. To further highlight my lameness you can check me out with some young bucks sporting previously mentioned puppet corpse.

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