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annie jonas

The other day I was getting my regular dose of celebrity dumbness and I saw this picture of the Jonas Brothers (left). My thoughts immediately went to Pretty in Pink's Iona character (right), played by Annie Potts. Tell me I'm not on to something. A few possible things this reveals:

1) Annie Potts is the female Jonas "brother" we never knew about.

2) Nick Jonas aspires to be the best Designing Woman.

3) They both have a flair for the Nautical Yuppie look.

4) I'm the biggest loser in the world:

  1. I follow gossip rags
  2. I know who the Jonas Brothers are and I am 33.
  3. I instantly remembered the above scene from Pretty in Pink

So for good measure let's cap it off with this montage. I give you Mr. Loafers and Linen. All hair and attitude (ever present dangling cigarette), James Spader was my first asshole crush. Blaine is was what I needed and Stef is what I wanted. Let's not even discuss my age at the time. I have explored enough Erin-through-the-years to last for a while.