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rings and fire

Today is the big day for all sports enthusiasts and patriots... and Celine Dion* fans. The Summer Olympics will be kicking off momentarily. I'm not sure how the time difference works but at some point today the opening ceremonies will commence (*a certain heart-tastic singer participating) and we set sail for 16 days of triumph of the spirit, etc., etc.

My sarcasm is my attempt to not 100% dork out. I have to admit that I like the Olympics. Of course since Ribbon Dancing was cruelly dismissed a part of my spirit shut down, but there are still events like gymnastics and diving and... did I mention gymnastics. Ok, so my interests are pretty limited but I still consider this an exciting time in television; aside from my Bravo fixes it surely beats So You Think Big Brother Has Talent.

As with half of my favorite things in life, my love for this sporting juggernaut is rooted in childhood memories. I particularly remember the 1984 Summer Games with Mary Lou Retton. I basically wanted to be her and for about a week that contagious smile became mine. I'm sure I'm not alone in my fantasies of being able to spring across a room doing round offs, but beyond that it was a chance to forget myself and be engulfed in another world... the double foreignness of athletics and other cultures.

I thought this was a fitting time to bust out more things from my archives. I think I have mentioned before that I went through a stamp collecting phase. Have I also mentioned how cool I wasn't. Anyway, I got some Summer Olympic stamps in 1984. They're still in original condition. I even have the booklet that came with them. I really like the artwork a lot. If Ebay is around when I'm old I think I will have amassed enough stuff to fund my stay at "the home".


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