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david keith david

Do you often have a hard time keeping David Keith and Keith David straight? Do you even know who they are? Well you probably do and you don't. And no it's not these guys.

As IMDB puts it on either's bio, "not to be confused with Keith David/David Keith" (depending of course on which they're talking about). I would like to edit that and say "YES, to be confused with (_____________). I hate you". Clearly they are different people, but come on, they have the same double first name situation going on, with the same two names. I of course know one from the other visually (they thank God don't also have the same face), but if you were ever to ask me "hey, what was the name of the guy that was in The Thing?" you'd get something like "beats me, that's what iPhones are for I guess". In case you're like me and don't have a super mobile device to clear things up at the drop of a hat, here's a little list that will hopefully sort out some differences, and at the minimum introduce you the wonderful world of two hard to remember guys.