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post-traumatic acl

I am officially rested, have I think finally blew out and pooped out all traces of dirt and dust that once resided in my body, and the sunburn has cooled to a mild irritated feeling rather than a burning leatherish sensation. Now faced with watching Jail, the poor man's Cops (yes, apparently such a lower level TV show exists), I can no longer put off returning to the land of blogging. The only real excuse I may have is a sore neck from sitting like an inquisitive puppy with head cocked for a 12 hour stretch as I spent way longer than necessary uploading ACL photos. But here I am finding the strength to go on. The truth is it's more appealing than doing to the dishes. And with this long whining prologue I bring you ACL photos pt. 1.

It was such a sweet vacation from the lazyholic life. I had the privilege of taking photos for My Old Kentucky Blog (more on that later), but in between high-tailing it, I managed to have some "me time", which really sounds pretty dumb, because the way I see it, it was all me time. In other words taking pictures is what I would I choose to do every second of the day if I could, so no matter what the situation it's always fulfilling.

Here is a brief rundown of what you missed if you did not go:

1) 24oz Bud Light and Lone Star at an economical $8 a can
2) 568 variations of sunglasses
3) An apparent tribe of young girls that wear thin headbands to show their solidarity and/or test outsiders' abilities to isolate individual person(s) by name, description, or personality
4) A guy in leather pants, no shirt, and a definite Prodigy vibe going on
5) The best roasted potatoes I have ever had in my life
6) A giant Jackalope
7) People getting their Facebook fix in the Dell Dome
8) $1 sidewalk water, which is sometimes "wet AND cold"
9) Hemp jewelry
10) Black lung
11) The Sweet Leaf Tea revolution
12) Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef fame and former wife of Salman Rushdie
13) Children rapping
14) Shops with hats, hats, and more hats
15) Memories and experiences that you will exchange with other ACLers, obliviously and at length, in front of friends that did not go, therefore alienating them
16) Unwelcome invasion of personal space
17) Welcome invasion of personal space
18) Lost cell phone signals
19) Development of strong thighs
20) Skin cancer

In conclusion, there were enough oddities, amusements, and enjoyments to make it worth it, even if it pained the pocket book. And once Claritin D was discovered it was a brand new wonderful world.


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