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acl: there were some bands

I am pretty sure that I need a major intervention or somehow figure out how to maintain momentum after a busy stretch of activity. It usually goes like this... go, go, go, then rest for a day as an excuse for all the going, and then settle into rut of not doing. I am awful. At least I managed to do the dishes. And of course the dogs are fed and happy so I'm not completely one with the couch. I do have a pretty fierce callous from playing a video game, and we're back to confessions of the pathetic. Anyway, here I am trying to bust out a quick recap of the bands I saw at ACL before I watch the debate of the century.

As I mentioned the other day I had the extreme fortune of taking photos for My Old Kentucky Blog, an awesome music site out of Indianapolis. On top of the blog they also have a weekly show on SIRIUS. AND, it's run by some super nice guys, which is the cherry on top. Thank you Erik and John for making this happen.

So I was on cloud nine because as I've mentioned about a million times I'm pleased as punch when I get to take pictures. Add to that the excitement of someone wanting my pictures, and other people possibly seeing them, then I'm on cloud eleven (it does exist... in my mind). There is of course the panic and fear that is a companion to this excitement as I don't want to end up with only blurry images or a disappointed reaction.... or worse, "what the hell were we thinking... I guess there is always next year".

I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to concert photos, like not at a club downtown. There have been few times that I have ever had to compete for space when trying to get a shot. And I do not have "I am a serious photographer" equipment, which can make you feel a little inferior. Granted I'm not taking pictures with a pinhole camera; I have good equipment, just not intimidating equipment. I am rambling... haste + caffeine = tangents.

My experience was fantastic. I have discovered that: photographers are considerate, regardless of their level of expertise or who they are taking pictures for, earplugs are indeed a good idea, I can't listen to music and look through a view finder at the same time, and deciding between which band to take pictures of is a fantastic problem to have. Aside from a few boring sets and trying to avoid the "I look like I'm eating my microphone" shots I think the final images turned out ok.

With that, I don't have any more energy to talk about the actual music. I leave only a couple of parting observations/assumptions.

1) The lead singer of Gogol Bordello would happily stab me with a knife, tear out my beating heart, have a good laugh and then ask me to be his best friend.

2) The lead singer of The Kills must be a fan of Corey Feldman at the height of his "I want to be Michael Jackson" phase and has never seen the sun nor has ever performed anywhere south of Michigan.

3) White is the official color of back-up ACL performers.

4) Beards are still popular.

5) Mates of State are the cutest musical couple on the planet.

6) Jack White looks even deader in person.

7) Robert Plant and David Byrne are legends for a reason.

8) Pregnant singers can perform in the blazing hot sun and not complain (see #2).

9) MGMT is fronted by a 12 year old.

10) Humble and nice performers are real and are more enjoyable to watch than cranky/deluded/egotistic/ass/etc. musicians.

My brain is done. I think it was done and this is actually a retelling of events that occurred, translated and penned by my dachshunds Biggie and Boo. Forgive me.


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