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jpg mag r.i.p.

If you follow my blog then I'm sure you know that I am a longtime fan, follower, and contributor to the JPG Magazine website. I also just recently acquired a few back issues of its printed counterpart. So when I read the news last night that the whole shebang is folding (site included) I was surprised and saddened. I definitely did not see that coming and also did not expect things to unravel so quickly, as they will be pulling the plug in a matter of days.

I am truly going to miss JPG. It's been a constant source of inspiration, a great community of photographers with a range of talent and ideas, and a terrific way to motivate me. I seriously credit JPG with helping to reenergize my passion for photography in a time in my life that I needed a creative kick in the ass. Thanks to everyone that befriended me, left comments, voted for my submissions or without even knowing it encouraged me with their own work.

I know that are a ton of other outlets and avenues still out there for the photographers of the world but I truly think this is a considerable loss. You can read more about this sudden development here.