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the road to recovery?

For the past several days I have been taking to the road, cruising the lonely pockets of rural highways (why does that sound so creepy?) for whatever photo worthy scenery I can find. These daily endeavors are due partly to trying to make better use of my ample time off (i.e. unemployment) and also an amped up sense of urgency in padding up my portfolio. It's all actually part of a master plan, as "a" = "b" = "c" and so on. To be more specific (and sound less vague/nuts) the idea is to FINALLY get a job and also take another step forward in trying to be a real-live photographer.

So I need a body of work to point to. If you have looked at my Flickr you surely know that in order to navigate it you would need a map; there is simply TOO MUCH on there. I have only just now discovered the art of self editing. There is a little domain and empty website that I created almost two years ago to be a web portfolio, among other things. This has been collecting cyberdust. I'm doing my best to translate ideas into something that will simply yet professionally display some of my work. It's slow going. Anyway... I feel like in order to better promote myself I need a better portfolio. And to have a better portfolio I feel like I need better photos. In other words this all means that I wish there was more time in each day and I could whip this all out and get it over with so my list obsessed/need-for-total-completion brain can move forward.

In other news, I took a mini-timeout today from photo tunnel vision and enjoyed some time with my boyfriend. Here's to coffee, Mexican food (which I think I should eat more often), and the movies. Go see Milk if you haven't already.

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