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smarty shots: reality bites

After a long break I finally have added something new to Smarty Shots. Yes, I'm sure that's such great news, as I'll bet everyone has been seriously jonesing for an update.

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Reality Bites was the film of choice this go 'round. This movie holds a significant spot in my heart, albeit a silly, nostalgic, what-was-I-thinking-but-still-I-love-it-in-spite-of-it's-crappiness spot. When this movie came out I had just graduated from high school. At the time I was a huge Winona Ryder fan so I was automatically going to be enthralled. Upon watching it, I fell in love with it because it painted this world of being an adult, complete with roommates, job woes, and romance, that seemed so appealing. This was a world I couldn't wait to be part of.

Over time I can't say that the film has held up well and I'm pretty sure my infatuation was rooted in the fantasies I just mentioned. Reality Bites is actually quite bad. It serves as a great time capsule, with a young Ben Stiller (who also directed), the introduction of Janeane Garofolo (as far as I know), and 90's fashions. Beyond that it's a giant pop culture reference, shouting out to 70's sitcoms, commercial slogans, and other empty sound bites. Ethan Hawke is presented as the dreamy/dirty misunderstood intellectual jerk that Winona Ryder falls for, which I guess is nothing new in the world of cinema... bad boys are good for you right. And the acting is bad. The movie mocks MTV culture but in the process is offering up nothing more substantial.

But damn it if I don't still adore it. I just needed to put it in its place and dissect my misplaced devotion; it's like film therapy. There is a bright spot. 'Ole Mr. Keith David makes a cameo. He makes everything better.