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there's a new super blanket in town

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The other day I was cruising through my daily fix of Google Reader when I noticed, on some site which I don't remember now, a blanket... that you wear... that allows your hands to be mobile while being warm... without the hassle and shortcomings of your every day blanket. And it wasn't the Snuggie (or the Slanket, but that's a debate for another day).

This brave new invention was called Shivers, a pretentious version (is my bias showing?) of what we have come to know and love with nary a mention of its established cousin. There really can only be one so this calls for a thought out, sensitive, and intelligent comparison. It's on!

To sum up:


-- family oriented, sporty and comfortable wizard-friendly color coordinating economical American product.


-- depressing foreign itch mess with an anti-comfortable name that might make you closer to God but will cost a load and take forever to get.

Who will win?