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what josh found: do gooder art

Once again I have to thank my good friend Josh for turning my attention to a great website. For this installment of what I am now going to start calling "what Josh found" I/we bring you

Wants For Sale, which is the joint project of artists Justin Gignac and Christine Santora. Here they present their wants depicted as paintings. As they say...

At Wants For Sale we make paintings of things that we want and then sell them for the price of the real item. So a painting of "A Slice of Pepperoni" costs you $3.00 while "Dinner at Nobu" costs $152.00. After the painting sells we go out and buy the item.

The artwork does not end there as you can take a quick click over to the sister site Needs for Sale. Here similar paintings are created however in this instance represent items for charity groups, and all profits go to the correlating cause.

And if you haven't quite satiated your desire for offbeat art you can journey over to New York City Garbage where you can buy a little piece of NYC's best trash, bundled up in an attractive clear cube.

Last, if you would like a glimpse of works that have sold you can go to their Flickr site.