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weekly prescription

Sometimes ideas and thoughts have an accidental way of aligning. Such is the case with this week's prescription. An old friend that Facebook found for me (an actual friend suggestion that was logical) turns out is coming out with a book soon, penned by her and her siblings. After looking at

the site

I simply can't wait and in an effort to help them achieve their dream of becoming a bestseller I want to do my part and urge folks to buy an advance copy. Trust me, you don't need to know her for this book to be a good read.

I also just heard the horrible news about John Hughes passing, which I could not ignore, and that along with the

Public School

(a bunch of local talents that are part of a collective) art show, a theme ended up making itself (and if that is a grammatically correct sentence I will be very surprised).

So channel your inner child, get a little angsty, soothe it with some Pepto ice cream, and go back to school for a bit. There are no trips to the Principal or homework required.


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