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hello again and goodbye

So I never really intended to stay away from here for so long. What I had intended to do was write up some post declaring my love for the recently deceased John Hughes... thank him for being the film maker that cemented my early ideas about attaining "true love", furthered my fascination with the mysterious folks that attended high school long before I did, and allowed me to become friends with made up characters that I would never actually meet but felt a kinship with none-the-less. In other words, to get sentimental here, he managed in his 80's filmography to connect with every burgeoning emotion, fear, and wish I had (even throwing in some great soundtracks and laughs). His movies ARE my youth and go hand in hand with some of my best memories.

Instead of further developing this idea I just worked and slept and before I knew it a whole week had passed. Note to anyone reading this, you probably do not want me in charge of any eulogies should the need arise. My lameness just gets in the way.

What I have said here certainly doesn't do him any justice so I offer you a few links (after the video) to some sites that did it much better, although at this point you have probably already seen them.


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