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weekly prescription

Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving a lovely message from someone. And when I say lovely, I mean angry. And when I say someone, I mean a person that did not like me using their artwork on my site. Now I don't claim to be above scrutiny here, and although I did give name credit and link to the original site I did not ask for permission and I certainly should have. I realize there are certain codes that one has to adhere to in this technological bloggy world, some more fiercely than others depending on the person/artist in question. So that said I offer my sincerest apologies again for overlooking and breezing past this person's preferences... I assure you it was without malice.

With this back story sufficiently laid out, and without trying to sound hokey, it seemed like a good time to prescribe some general means for being nicer. A good point can be lost when it's covered in shit, and while nice guys might finish last, they certainly will also live longer.

This week try to understand why people use the golden rule, follow Patrick Swayze's Road House philosophy, Relax, attract better health with honey, and then look on the bright side of life. And after this meditative journey, if anyone still wants to verbally kick my ass, knock yourself out... I'll be living in stress free bliss with the company of dachshunds, watching the occasional episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.


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