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2012 - nuff said

2012 - nuff said

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again -- I really don't do resolutions. Refraining goes against every OCD list-making tendency I have, I know.  I think this is because with such specificity I open myself to failure and there's no real chance of immediacy in checking things off. "Get in shape" getting scratched off (maybe) 6 months down the line is far less gratifying than "go to the post office", which can be done that day. When it comes to list making I'm in it for the quick thrills.

And when it comes to actual goals is there really any new territory to cover? I can either jot down for the millionth time "stop eating things that slowly kill you", or come up with something new like "learn how to Benjamin Button yourself". Ugh, so it's tiring or implausible.

Last year I made an attempt at resolutions by casting a very wide net. I'm pretty sure that there were some misses even with that generous vagueness. So this year I'm thinking it's time to really get broad, leaving a definitive opening for accomplishment and self-improvement. If this doesn't work maybe next year I'll resort to "breath and stuff".