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need to want less

The urge to buy is strong in this one. I have the full virtual shopping carts and dog-eared catalog pages to prove it. Usually these rituals are enough to squelch my desire to spend, and I stop there. I've tried to be wise with what money I have, although after rebounding from a long stretch of unemployment I did buy myself a few small treats.

So while I'm proud of my initial resolve to refrain from shopping, it's when I give in that things tend to go off track quickly. I (for better or worse) have no credit cards so when it comes to spending I am thankfully bound to a limited budget. But damnit if I'm not completely transfixed and drawn in to the latest and greatest, therefore am terrible at waiting for a deal and also lack the patience to hunt for a bargain. What's so wrong with last year's model of this, or the clothes that my eyes have seen on the rack for months, or the generic brand of that? What is it about New that gives me tunnel vision? And why does being lazy come with such a high price tag? Seems like I should completely stay away until I can figure out how to pay the right way.