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Present & Correct (& Fabulous)

Purchased notebook, eraser, and leather envelope 

Purchased notebook, eraser, and leather envelope 

A little over a year ago I traveled to London on a business trip. I didn't have much free time to do any site seeing. With that restriction I had to be selective in where I went. So what did I choose? This is just crazy talk to most of you, but when I remembered that Present & Correct had a brick and mortar location right there in the city, the choice was easy. 

I have been a long time fan of their blog and of course covet everything in their on-line store (THE most wonderful office supplies ever). To know I was so close to greatness was too hard to ignore. And so I went. And I walked in like it was the Palace. And I never wanted to leave.

If you're not in London check them on-line here, and now my new favorite Tumblr here.