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My stuff. Their stuff. And nostalgic stuff. This is the blog of Erin Hanson -- Recovering Lazyholic.

Junior Lazyholic

I can't predict how much content I will post geared towards the mini-humans. It's not something I feel like I will consciously work to incorporate, in part because who I am to pretend to be an expert or tastemaker having only racked up 6-weeks on the job. That said, this blog has always been a representation of who I am, what I like, and what I've been up to. So with that in mind it's almost certain that the occasional baby centric tidbit will appear.

An obvious entry are these t-shirts. I dress Edie up (mostly in my mind) with all kinds of adorable gear, and catalog my favorites on Pinterest (SO much kinder to the credit card). These however I may need to splurge on and hope she doesn't outgrow them too quickly. 

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